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Welcome to Ciclista America, your source for some of the finest cycling products in the world!

Sidi's collection of road, MTB and Tri shoes is unequalled for quality, features, innovations, performance and value.

Forcefield's line of protection products for downhillers and more aggressive MTB and BMX cyclists will keep riders bruise free and in the saddle longer.

Suomy Cycling Helmets was a new addition to Ciclista-America in 2017. What started as a market leading company in the motorsports segment, has now turned a corner into the cycling world. The creation of innovative products designed with safety, style and function in mind, has made Suomy Cycling Helmets a powerful company in the market.

Astute is another new addition to Ciclista America for the 2018 season. The Astute line is consists of competition bike saddles designed to meet athletes' needs. Astute is Italian born and bred and is a market leader in design, features and light weight.

Combined with some fun casuals, Sidi socks and accessories you need to look no further for the best of cycling!

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